Over the past decade, it has been a great privilege of mine to watch Dave and his team grow and develop an ICT agenda that aligns with the schools vision and mission. Dave has shown that it is not only possible, but thoroughly appropriate and consistent, to apply a biblical worldview perspective to the strategies and planning of ICT.

For educators to boldly make claims that Christ is at work in all areas of school life, then engaging with experts like Dave in the ICT space is essential. I highly commend this ministry that Dave is engaged in to serve Christian schools.

David Gray - Director - National Institute for Christian Education - November 2018

David Youl is an excellent strategist in the area of I.T. He combines a deep understanding of the technology needs of schools of all sizes and how I.T. can support the teaching and learning of students.

In a time where technology options change at a dizzying pace, he has helped lead our school make wise choices in this complex area. He has a well-grounded approach to I.T. that takes into account the many ways in which the technology impacts in other areas of the school.

David has also shown the ability to think as a Christian into this space, and the strategic plans he has developed show a clear and deliberate link to how they fit into the vision and mission of a Christian School.

Bill Rusin - Principal - Covenant Christian School (Sydney) - November 2018


Dave Youl provided great support in the hiring process for my Director of ICT and Integrator. His support of the entire process gave me confidence in the outcome. From the wording of the ad and the compilation of the section criteria through to shaping the interview questions and assisting with the actual interviews and selection process, Dave's leadership and insight was invaluable.

His understanding of Christian schools coupled with his own desire to see IT developed from a Christian perspective enhances the process. He has a deep understanding and offers great insight into assisting schools align their IT direction with their own vision and mission. Dave continues to provide ongoing support for my Director of ICT and Integrator. I highly recommend Navigate Education.

Sharon Sopher - Principal - Belmont Christian College - December 2018

We have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Dave Youl over many years now. We have been blessed by his expertise and his genuine desire to see IT integrated into every school he works with, in a way that honours God.

His approach to this often complex area, is such that those who work with him feel enabled, rather than inadequate. This is such an important trait for any educator, and certainly consistent with biblical model of teaching.

Here at OCS we have been delighted to have Dave work with us in formal consultation, and as a trusted critical friend. His insight and trouble-shooting capabilities have been greatly valued and we look forward to continuing this relationship into the future.

Melissa Brown - Principal - Orange Christian School - February 2019