Rapid advances in technology are changing the way we think and work within the context of a school. At Southern Highlands Christian School we are striving to be more efficient, agile, responsive and better informed than ever before. David Youl has a unique ability to synthesise the demands these goals place on the execution of technology within our education institution with a Biblical worldview. He emphasises that technology is part of God’s creation and that the presence of digital technology is a reality that our students will face for their entire lives. As such, we need to teach them to discern when and how to effectively engage with technology, that they might live for God’s glory in all they do. 

David has led the Southern Highlands Christian School’s IT Steering Committee capably in creating a suite of ICT policies and procedures to drive implementation within our School according to our specific needs and unique requirements. With his help, we have been able to establish a snapshot of our current ICT capabilities and practices, identified improvement opportunities, established priorities and created a strategic ICT implementation plan. 

It is our hope that through this process, our SHCS students will graduate with the experience, discernment and self-control necessary to use God’s good gift of technology in a way that glorifies Him.

Andrew Middleton – Principal – Southern Highlands Christian School

December 2022