A man of integrity and deep Christian faith, Dave Youl’s rich experience in helping schools improve their approach to IT management has enabled our school to identify opportunities for improvement in a way that honours God and equips staff and students to engage effectively with technology. 

Dave provides an independent and unbiased perspective whilst taking the time to understand and adapt his recommendations to our school context, vision, mission and culture. He has been instrumental in assisting the School Executive understand the nuances of a report into our IT infrastructure and processes and in the selection process for the appointment of a Head of Information and Learning Technology and a Systems Analyst.  Dave’s leadership of an IT Steering Committee has assisted us to establish priorities and commence work on a Strategic Plan for ICT. 

Dave is a calm and godly leader with whom it has been a pleasure to work. I highly recommend Navigate Education. 

Rebecca Hall – Principal – Tyndale Christian School

November 2022